This proposal should only be submitted if you are a writer looking for an artist. Please read the following submission guidelines.

Here you will find all the information needed to submit your project to Squared-Idea. The studio is committed to guiding and helping independent creators with their projects.

SQUARED-IDEA ONLY PUBLISHES CREATOR-OWNED/CREATOR-GENERATED PROPERTIES. We do not contract creators or pay page rates. All rights and final decisions are reserved by the creators involved in the project. The studio will take a small flat fee of the books published and the division of pay will be determined by the creators.

Squared-Idea owns no intellectual properties and therefore assures all applicants that ownership of the property, whether accepted or not, will remain with the creator(s).

Please send all required information to [email protected] with the title “WRITER PROPOSAL SUBMISSION”


A typed summary and introduction of your project.

Please include:

– Name

– Location

– Small description of yourself and your creative career

– Title of project

– Small synopsis of your story

– Genre(s)

– Format and Length of project

– Five sequential pages of your script