If you are a solo/team looking to have your project published by our studio, please read the following submission guidelines.

Here you will find all the information needed to submit your project to Squared-Idea. The studio is committed to guiding and helping independent creators with their projects.

SQUARED-IDEA ONLY PUBLISHES CREATOR-OWNED/CREATOR-GENERATED PROPERTIES. We do not contract creators or pay page rates. All rights and final decisions are reserved by the creators involved in the project. The studio will take a small flat fee of the books published and the division of pay will be determined by the creators.

Squared-Idea owns no intellectual properties and therefore assures all applicants that ownership of the property, whether accepted or not, will remain with the creator(s).

Please send all required information to [email protected] with the title “TEAM PROJECT SUBMISSION”


A typed, one page introduction which summarizes your project and team. Include names, roles, email address, website and/or relevant social media pages.


A typed, one page summary that will touch upon the following points:

– A brief history of the project (How you came to the idea, influences, etc.)

– Genre/s of your project

– Who is the target audience? (Please be specific)

– What format do you want to publish to your story? (single issue, graphic novel, etc.)

– Color or black and white?


A typed, one page synopsis of your overall story (beginning, middle and end). You do not have to go into much detail but please provide the main plot points and spoilers.


Please provide five sequential pages of your project.

ART – The sequential pages must have linework already completed.

SCRIPT – Sequential pages must have a watermark on each page sent to the studio.


Provide a rough draft of the cover and any promotional material that you will be using for your project. (These can be character sheets, posters, final title design, etc.)