Syndicate is a counter-terrorism agency operating covertly around the globe. Formed after the second world war and sanctioned by the U.N., the unit consists of highly-trained operatives from different military fields. Their skills and expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes them the deadliest agents in the world.

November 7th, 2021

A coordinated terrorist attack in New York.

A devastating nuclear explosion between Belgium and France.

A deadly chemical compound released at a school in Guangzhou, China.

After these catastrophic attacks, Syndicate activates all its agents and prepares a global investigation into these incidents. As agents begin to uncover new intelligence and escape dangerous threats, they realize there’s a bigger plan in motion. One that could bring about a third devastating world war.

Written by Michael Rutledge and G. Cristopher Nicholson with illustrations by artist Matias Jacobs. Squared – Idea invites you to experience espionage and betrayal in the world of