I was born in Montreal in 1991, however I only lived in the city for about 100 days before moving. My parents didn’t have much, so when my dad got a good job in Kuujjuaq, Quebec we moved up north. Way north. Still snows in June despite climate change north.

I still didn’t have much, but I did have Gary Larson’s The Far Side in the newspaper, The Simpsons when it was good on the CBC and all the stolen pens and paper I could ask for. The Holy Trinity of free stuff to set a kid up to start drawing.

My first love was paleontology so I spent most of my time drawing the equivalent of silent films about dinosaurs on lined pads of paper; I assumed that one day I’d head off into the desert to dig up fossils while wearing a cowboy hat and denim shirt. Turns out I’m not well suited for school, and gave that up for a life decomposing in the offices of downtown Montreal. In my spare time I try to enjoy single-player video games and other people’s creative work.

Working with so many different people gave me a lot of material to write and illustrate strange short stories about customer service, tech support and finance until eventually I started work on something I actually though people might want to see. I also met the guys I would eventually start a podcast with, for which I still do the weekly episode title cards and rotate hosting duty.

Regarding Squared-Idea, I am the writer and illustrator of The Black Frontier, an idea for a western I got while watching National Geographic clips on YouTube about the pistol shrimp.