I’ve loved comic books as far back as I can remember, my three uncles on my mother’s side were all comic book geeks growing up and really helped influence an already growing addiction. When I was really young people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would always answer, with an innocent yet totally serious 9 year old face: “A superhero”. I’d still do it to this day, I’ve thought about it! I even designed my own vigilante suit to battle local crime…seriously. I don’t know what I would call myself though, what’s a good name for a vigilante? Actually “Vigilante” isn’t half bad…people could call me Vigil for short, HEY that’s pretty good! “Vigil: Vengeance of the Night”! Ok that settles it, that’ll be my superhero name, I’m so glad you could all share this moment with me…what I was saying again??

Oh yeah, so comic books pretty much made sense to me, I figured if I couldn’t actually be a superhero, I could at least write about them. Then along come these guys from Squared – Idea saying “Hey! We think you’re amazingly talented and handsome as a devil! We would like you to be our brother.. our king.. our god!” Yep…that’s exactly how it went down, swear to me. So I’m here to fulfill my destiny to be the next Stan Lee, but not as cool, cause no one’s as cool as Stan, I met him once at Comic-con, even made a crack about “my Stan-Lee senses tingling” he laughed, I cried…and peed a little.

In all seriousness, my goal here is to make entertaining and vibrant stories for all to enjoy. My mission is to bring the same joy I had as a growing boy to any and all those who wish to venture down the “crack-like” lifestyle that is graphic novels. Hope you guys can share in many stories to come, from me and from Squared – Idea as a whole. Making people happy through the art of comics, just like it made little Mike happy way back in the 90’s! Keep your eyes on the panels, your hearts in the stories and your minds in the vast expanse of this wonderful universe! See you in the pages y’all!

*P.S. that story about Stan Lee is true.*