Hello! My name is Qian.

I illustrated a comic for a literature contest. I drew for a school’s newspaper club. However, back then, I didn’t felt secure enough to think of it as a career path. But at some point in time in college, I think I might have figured out that doodling a dragon on my chemistry notes brought me much more joy than actually reading them.

So here I am, a game art undergraduate student by day, a mad scientist—no, I mean—a self-taught illustrator and aspiring concept artist by night.

I draw with both traditional and digital mediums. Anything related to fantasy, science fiction, or horror is probably going to be my cup of tea. I love getting lost in world that I manage to bring to life, and I hope that my drawings bring some enjoyment if anyone happens to come across them.

P.S. Oh, I probably still have that dragon doodle somewhere, hidden away in a classified folder.