If you were born with amazing powers, what would you do with them? Would you use them for personal gain? Keep them hidden? Or would you use them to become  something bigger?

This is the story of Aiden Thomas who, from a young age, discovers he has abilities that are beyond human. With the help of his friends Emma Williams and Trevor Luke – Hall, he learns to control his powers and hide them from the world. But after a tragic accident and countless disasters, Aiden questions the real purpose of his powers and  what he must use them for. Through Hardship and bravery, loss and friendship, Aiden Thomas will become something the world has never seen, something it has never  experienced.

I HAVE NO NAME is the beginning. The first book in a three part series that will test Aiden and his friends on their mission to help humanity, to help the world. Their adventure will continue in I HAVE NO REDEMPTION and end with the epic conclusion I HAVE NO END.

The story is written by Cristopher Nicholson with assistance from Mike Wilcox and Maksen Mancer. Artwork by Alannah Lloyd and Cristopher Nicholson.