I was born in the deepest, darkest parts of the Peruvian jungle. At least, that’s what I like to tell people when I tell them I was born in Peru. I didn’t stay there too long since my father’s job required him to move every few years. I lived in places such as Czechoslovakia and London, which showed me a whole other world from the one I grew up in. My name is G. Cristopher Nicholson and I know what you’re thinking: that is the most Peruvian name you’ve ever heard.

I come from a long line of diplomats and generals but I mostly took from my grandmother; an award winning artist who has exhibited her paintings around the world. I remember spending hours next to her, painting the back garden and asking how I can make my paintings more like hers. This is where my interest in art began. One evening, my father came back from work with a small ten page booklet, about a man who fought crime dressed as a bat. This is where my love of comics began. My father would tell me stories of heroes and villains, good and evil fighting to see who would prevail. I was utterly inspired! I combined my two passions and have been fascinated by them ever since. I graduated from Inter-Dec College with a degree in video game design which introduced me to the digital arts. I was able to incorporate what i learned into small projects for individuals and local businesses, ranging from advertisements to commissioned prints.

Currently I am living in the great white north. Montreal to be exact, where my best friend, Mike Wilcox and I, have started our own little studio which we have big plans for. Ever since I can remember, we’ve been sketching out ideas. Ideas that have turned into stories, intriguing characters, engrossing histories and explosive conclusions. We started Squared-Idea in 2014; a new project that will see life come to our stories and at the same time, give other people the chance to bring life to theirs. While we might not have any formal training in creating comics; we have spent hours researching the medium and even incorporated points from other art forms we’ve studied in. Currently, I am involved in three projects: FEARED and I HAVE NO NAME which are original concepts of mine and TRINITY, a collaboration with fellow Montrealer David Koziol. We hope that through Squared-Idea, we’ll be able to bring writers and artists together and help guide them through the process of creating their own comic.

So, do you have an idea?