Throughout history, there have been countless tales of masked men doing Incredible feats. From the masked soldier of the great war, to the ghost that helped take down Al Capone; these men were both admired and feared in their heroics. But what if all these acts of heroism, were the work of just one man?

Oscar Emanuel Haunt has died more times than he can remember. Every time he’s died, depending on the circumstances, Haunt comes back to life looking as young as the first time he passed. After promising his wife that he would use his gift to take care of their family, he spent years keeping true to his word. He raised and protected his family in a safe and thriving environment. But after a tragic incident, Oscar realized that he would need to do so much more to protect his family. He travelled the world and learned many of its secrets. From the sciences of the European scholars, to the martial arts of the Eastern masters; Haunt trained himself to be the weapon needed to help create a world that his bloodline could live safely in.

But the world fell into darkness, cultivating and evolving the evil in man. The greed of money and power led the underworld to thrive and take control of this new civilization. Oscar knew that he himself would have to walk in this darkness and become what these men feared the most.. But at what cost?

Written and illustrated by G. Cristopher Nicholson, experience the wonders and horrors of Oscar Haunt’s immortal life.

Squared – Idea takes you into the graphic and violent world of FEARED.