Fate has chosen you.

Destiny has deemed you worthy.

The time has come for you to defend this universe and keep the balance of life in order. This is your calling, your duty and a great honor. Fate bestows upon you the privilege and power to be the one true and mighty defender of the…WOULD YOU GET UP OFF THE COUCH AND PAY ATTENTION DAMNIT?!

“Why??? I don’t want tooooo!” groans Aaron James, our unfortunate last hope for survival. A bitter and distant man, eternally blaze and jaded towards that which we call everyday life. Chosen by unknown forces to, reluctantly, be the keeper of balance and peace in the universe. Gifted with an ancient spell book named, Grimokoibl…Grimah-ka-blam…Grim…oh who can pronounce that s**t?! Not A.J. that’s for sure, not that he’s ever bothered to try and learn its real name to be fair.

After an accident left him unable to sleep, he discovered his life had changed for good. Not sleeping can do a lot to a person’s mind: paranoia, delusion, slowly…quickly going insane and tired… so damn tired, all the time. Battling against the personifications of four elements; Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, four sibling Elementals. Aaron must keep them and their minions, from corrupting the souls of humankind and taking control of the forces of life itself. Using his insomnia, he learns all he can about the Elementals’ plans and hunt them down with every breath. However, A.J. doesn’t really want to do any of that. He doesn’t care much for humanity and sees no purpose to life at all, our “hero” must confront not only the Elementals but his own lack of empathy as well. Our one and only hope, the last chance to save everything, is a man who pretty much…hates everything.

Written and illustrated by Mike Furino, look for this title to be released in 2019.