Born and raised in the suburbs of Montreal I found my passion for comics and animated features early on in life. My first exposure/love came from seeing four human sized turtles jump out of a sewer to take on a robot the size of a building with a big pink brain in his stomach.  This followed up with the first real life TMNT movie which blew my mind, knowing that something from TV could go on to the big screen. What was animated, now can become reality which was surreal to me, pardon the pun. This would result in hours of drawings of my four heroes and start the plunge into the world of comics.

As time would go by, I would see many more of our now popular heroes come into my home every week.  From Adam West’s Batman, to the historic animated series, to seeing a bunch of misfits with mutant powers rally together behind a X symbol to save the world.  As a child, I would not know the origins of these creations but just accept this awesomeness entering my home every week. That was until I found Fantasia, my first comic book shop, located in a random strip mall in the West Island. This is where I found out that all these characters I learned to follow, love and hate all came from books written years before they ever appeared on TV or in movies. Here is where I bought my first comic: Wolverine #90. This is the place where I would branch off of the mainstream characters and start my first comic book collection of Cable’s X-force.

Years would go by and my love for comics would only grow, hoping to maybe one day be in the field, creating these great stories. However, as most of us do, I would “grow up” and see how hard it was to earn a dollar in this industry. This would lead me to making “the smart call” and go to university into other fields I enjoyed and eventually make it in the accounting profession. With all this hard work and time, I would eventually build a good career in my field that allowed me to live the life I enjoy. However, something was always missing. I tried picking up hobbies to encourage a creative side of me; even tried picking up an instrument, but nothing seemed to work. Then, on a cold winter’s night in Chisasibi Quebec, I received an email from Cris Nicholson named “Trinity Summary”. I had asked him what this was and he told me “just read it and let me know what you think”. I proceeded to read the two page word document that outlined how an organization was formed to fight off the underworld due to a disagreement between God and Lucifer. I remember that all I could think of, was how rich of a past and future this story could have. I immediately skyped Cris and told him how curious I was about how the book got to this point and how far he could go with the idea. Cris, in his nonchalant way, simply smiled at me and said “Great to hear, because I want you to help me write it”. I said yes and since then I have been able to find my creative voice.