Hi, My name is Ben.
I am a digital artist by day and a brooding playboy/philanthropist/billionaire vigilante by night. I’ve worked in digital media/art for the last few years, with on and off freelance graphic design throughout.  I live life with a passion for comic books and everything Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy beer, burgers
and short walks to the dep.
I’ve been an artist ever since I realized that the fictitious world is a much more beautiful and appealing place than the reality we all live in. Through my artistic endeavors, I’ve been contributing this world as young as 6 years old –  then inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. In my recent adult life, I have been more so inspired by D&D, Montreal, and heavy metal music. Although I still sometimes put pen to paper in my moleskin notebook, I have mostly committed to digital art as my main platform of artistic expression.
Come take a journey into my (sometimes disturbed) imagination and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.