SQUARED – IDEA is a Montreal based studio developing and publishing independent comics. Started by Mike Wilcox and G. Cristopher Nicholson in 2017, the studio is creating stories that will introduce readers to expanding universes and engaging characters. SQUARED – IDEA was born from the love of telling stories. The guys would spend countless night creating exciting comics that they wanted to share with the world. This is where the studio got it’s name, ‘two guys who share an idea’.

This philosophy became an integral part of the studio’s mission. SQUARED – IDEA has become an opportunity for amateur writers and artists to release their comics in a thriving space. Creators have the freedom to develop their titles the way they want, without any boundaries. 

SQUARED – IDEA is not just about comics and graphic novels. With our partners, the studio is looking to extend content to other mediums including films and podcasts. This will allow for the studio to help creators outside the comic book community develop their ideas.