AWW (Animals With Weapons) was an idea created with a 3 step program:

Step 1) Draw a cute animal.

Step 2) Draw a weapon that rhymes with their name. 

Step 3) Mash them together into a funny package. 

AWW is what we would call a Sequential Art Project, which is basically to depict a story without using any words. But guess what? I’m going to go a little beyond this by creating Odd back stories for all of them and develop it into a wonderful little package for 2021 (Fingers Crossed).

I’m a big believer that people should have the opportunity to be a part of projects such as this. So in addition to my brain (which is mainly composed of tacos, pickles, marmalade and ramen noodles), I encourage people to give me suggestions for AWW. If it sounds awesome and it rhymes, chances are it’ll make the cut. I would say that about 50% of AWW has been conceived through the contribution of others.

So if you can think of an animal that rhymes with a weapon, please DM on instagram @coxy_artist

P.S. I’m quite reluctant on the use of guns. Otherwise it’d be waaaaaay too repetitive.