Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

Joseph Campbell


Every story has a beginning and an end. The Fathom begins with the beginning of the end.

It’s been two years since the living dead awakened the apocalypse. A man wakes up in an underground garage, clothed in a bloody lab suit and has an electronic clasp on each wrist. He works his way out into a world he’s familiar with, yet remembers nothing of his past or how he came to be in this situation. He connects with others and begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding his past, learning to survive through the horrors of this new world. Then suddenly… the clasps begin flashing.

In the Fathom, readers will be taken along his journey through strange fortresses and war torn cities. He will meet other survivors, some good and others a different type of monster. All this, while figuring out the meaning of the flashing clasps.

Connecting to the Fathom, the side stories ‘Demolition Men’ and ‘The Philadelphia II’ will give the reader a greater understanding of the extent people have had to do in order to survive this new world.

From the mind and hand of Mike Wilcox, Squared – Idea presents The Survival And The Horror Of Mankind.



For millennia, the world has been under attack from the armies of the fallen angel, Lucifer. These demons come in all shapes and sizes, all with one intent: to destroy the realm of man and obliterate the kingdom of Heaven. To prevent this, an order was created that would protect mankind and battle these monsters of myth and legend. This order is known as TRINITY. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, coupled with the most advanced weaponry on earth, TRINITY stands ready to act upon any attack.

TRINITY is a worldwide entity kept in secret. It has infiltrated all kinds of governments, facilities and media in order to maintain their existence in the shadows. They have enlisted warriors with all kinds of abilities from different walks of life. The most dangerous and skilled of these warriors become members of the most coveted unit in the organization: TRINITY-ONE.

From the minds of David Koziol and G. Cristopher Nicholson comes a modern twist on the everlasting battle between Heaven and Hell.
After a series of puzzling attacks in Montreal, Trinity-one stumbles upon Joseph Trent, a young security guard who was able to defend himself against a pack of werewolves. Impressed by how well Trent handled himself, they offer him the opportunity to join TRINITY.  As the team continues to investigate these attacks, they stumble across a much deeper plan, one that could change the tides of war in favor of Lucifer. TRINITY must use all its resources to stop this danger before its too late.





Throughout history, there have been countless tales of masked men doing Incredible feats. From the masked soldier of the great war, to the ghost that helped take down Al Capone; these men were both admired and feared in their heroics. But what if all these acts of heroism, were the work of just one man?

Oscar Emanuel Haunt has died more times than he can remember. Every time he’s died, depending on the circumstances, Haunt comes back to life looking as young as the first time he passed. After promising his wife that he would use his gift to take care of their family, he spent years keeping true to his word. He raised and protected his family in a safe and thriving environment. But after a tragic incident, Oscar realized that he would need to do so much more to protect his family. He travelled the world and learned many of its secrets. From the sciences of the European scholars, to the martial arts of the Eastern masters; Haunt trained himself to be the weapon needed to help create a world that his bloodline could live safely in.

But the world fell into darkness, cultivating and evolving the evil in man. The greed of money and power led the underworld to thrive and take control of this new civilization. Oscar knew that he himself would have to walk in this darkness and become what these men feared the most.. But at what cost?

Written and illustrated by G. Cristopher Nicholson, experience the wonders and horrors of Oscar Haunt’s immortal life.

Squared – Idea takes you into the graphic and violent world of FEARED.


In an ultra-corrupt Montreal, Inspector Dan Chican—a sleazy, alcoholic French Canadian cop—uses the mystical power of The Police Force to transform into a super powered girl super-sleuth named Alici by saying the magic word, “EXCELSIOR!”. As Alice, Dan fights to arrest corrupt bureaucrats, stop a biker-mob war and expose a sinister occultist society within the government that he suspects has something to do with the disappearance of his childhood best friend and dozens of other missing children.

From the minds of RMJ Patry and art by Little Moonglow, this is EXCELSIOR!


R thanks you for reading.



Syndicate is a counter-terrorism agency operating covertly around the globe. Formed after the second world war and sanctioned by the U.N., the unit consists of highly-trained operatives from different military fields. Their skills and expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes them the deadliest agents in the world.

November 7th, 2021
A coordinated terrorist attack in New York.
A devastating nuclear explosion between Belgium and France.
A deadly chemical compound released at a school in Guangzhou, China.

After these catastrophic attacks, Syndicate activates all its agents and prepares a global investigation into these incidents. As agents begin to uncover new intelligence and escape dangerous threats, they realize there’s a bigger plan in motion. One that could bring about a third devastating world war.

Written by Michael Rutledge and G. Cristopher Nicholson with illustrations by artist Matias Jacobs. Squared – Idea invites you to experience espionage and betrayal in the world of SYNDICA7E.





AWW (Animals With Weapons) was an idea created with a 3 step program:
Step 1) Draw a cute animal.
Step 2) Draw a weapon that rhymes with their name. 
Step 3) Mash them together into a funny package. 

AWW is what we would call a Sequential Art Project, which is basically to depict a story without using any words. But guess what? I’m going to go a little beyond this by creating Odd back stories for all of them and develop it into a wonderful little package for 2023 (Fingers Crossed). I’m a big believer that people should have the opportunity to be a part of projects such as this. So in addition to my brain (which is mainly composed of tacos, pickles, marmalade and ramen noodles), I encourage people to give me suggestions for AWW. If it sounds awesome and it rhymes, chances are it’ll make the cut. I would say that about 50% of AWW has been conceived through the contribution of others.

So if you can think of an animal that rhymes with a weapon, please DM on instagram @coxy_artist
P.S. I’m quite reluctant on the use of guns. Otherwise it’d be waaaaaay too repetitive.


In an underwater world not unlike Hollywood’s Old West, a botched train robbery sends the derailed engine into the unexplored darkness of the deep ocean. After its dramatic return from the depths, Wilbur MacKay, the sheriff of the struggling reef of Low Tide confides in the remaining reliable men in town in an attempt to cover up the disaster rather than explain it. His co-conspirators are Low Tide’s doctor Fitzgerald, the religious leader Morayarty, the train’s loathsome owner Bolton Hayes, and his best friend Leon; who barely escaped from the train prior to the wreck.

The cover up soon fails after locals from Low Tide begin to vanish, while volcanic ash falls like snow after the sun goes down. He begins to ask himself how the train engine returned and what did it agitate during its brief time in the deep. Desperate for help, the sheriff reaches out to both the local government and a wealthier neighboring town. However, his poor luck appears to doom everyone around him.

The Black Frontier is written and illustrated by Peter O’Donoghue; inspired by his love of the natural world, its mysteries and the flexibility afforded to him by the unknown. That and the fact that “pistol shrimp” is a good name for a cowboy.